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  1. POLICIES TO BE REVIEWED: All club policies must be reviewed at the end of each year to correct, add to, and delete outdated policies. 2/4/86
  2. OFFICER GIFTS: All outgoing officers, except the president, shall receive an appreciation gift that shall not cost more that $125.00 per person. It shall be the responsibility of the president to obtain these gifts. 2/20/96, revised 4/17/01, revised 2/18/03
  3. MEMBER NAME TAGS: It is mandatory for all club members to wear their name tags at all club meetings, and it is recommended that members wear their name tags at all club functions. Those club members not wearing name tags when they are required will be fined by the president and fees collected by the Sergeant-at-Arms. 2/4/86
  4. COMPLIMENTARY PHEASANTS: 10/2/84, revised 2/20/96, deleted 1/18/00
  5. INJURED MEMBERS: The Board stated that any member or guest who is injured during any club activity must report the injury to the activity Chairman and the club president. 4/5/83
  6. FORMAL CHARGES AGAINST CLUB MEMBERS: Motion passed as follows: The committee must have the results before the Board within 30 days of filing of the charges, or the charges must be dropped. 3/1/83, revised 2/20/96
  7. SILVER BUCKLE SHOOT: It will consist of: 1) Active Members and life members shoot. The winner will receive a silver buckle with a cost not to exceed $150.00. Past winners may not compete. 2) Junior Buckle Shoot-All Juniors 17 years and younger may shoot.  The winner will receive a buckle and will hold the perpetual trophy until the next shoot, the cost must not exceed $50.00. Past winners may not compete. 3) All past winners, adult or junior shoot. A perpetual trophy will be given to the winner to hold until the following shoot. 1/24/83, revised 2/20/96, revised 4/17/01, revised 2/19/02, revised 3/3/09
  8. MEMBER OF THE YEAR: A buckle similar to the one given at the annual picnic will be given to the "Participating Member of the Year." The cost of the buckle is not to exceed $150.00. 1/24/83, revised 2/20/96, revised 4/17/01
  9. AWARDS: It was also agreed that the general awards, (trap, big game, fish, etc.) be limited to $40.00 or less. It was also moved and approved that the sight-in day be among our future awards and that the award be given at the annual installation dinner. 1/24/83, revised 2/19/02
  10. MEMBERSHIP CARDS: Motion passed to have Treasurer receive club dues and issue membership card. 2/5/82, retained 2/18/03
  11. HONORARY MEMBERS: Honorary Membership may be granted to a person pursuant to Board of Directors motion dated May 6, 1986. Motion to grant Honorary Membership may be made by any member in good standing, however, the motion shall be made only to the Board of Directors. Said motion shall include a statement as to why the nominee should be granted an Honorary Membership in the Stockton Sportsmen's Club. Each nominee shall be judged solely upon his or her merits and the statements of the member making the motion to grant said membership. All motions for Honorary Membership shall be approved by the Board of Directors and the General Membership. An Honorary Member shall pay no dues and shall have no voting or any other privilege of membership in the Stockton Sportsmen's Club. Honorary Membership may be revoked at any time by the Board of Directors. 5/6/86
  12. PENNY PINES: Members, Farmers, and Honorary members and the immediate families (parents, spouse and children) of all mentioned before shall be honored by the SSC with a Penny Pines certificate. It will be presented at the January Installation Dinner. The club will pay for the dinner of the person who is in attendance to receive the Penny Pines certificate. 8/20/02, revised 2/18/03
  13. GIFT FOR OUTGOING PRESIDENT: The gift for the out-going president shall not cost more than the buckle awarded to the "Member of the Year" and is to be obtained by the Vice President. 2/3/87, revised 2/20/96
  14. NEW MEMBERS: New members shall be sworn in during the general membership meetings in February, May, August, and November. Members sworn in, in November shall have their dues counted as payment for the following year. 2/2/88, revised 2/19/02
  15. LIFE MEMBERSHIP: A Life Membership may be granted to a member of the Stockton Sportsmen's Club who meets the following criteria:
    A. Member must be 60 years of age or older and must have been an active member of the Stockton Sportsmen's Club for at least twenty (20) years prior to being granted a Life Membership OR an active member for 30 years regardless of age. Revised 6/18/13
    B. Any motion to grant Life Membership must be approved by the Board of Directors.
    C. After Board approval, Board action must be approved by the General Membership.
    D. Members attaining life membership status will receive a SSC membership card of engraved medal stating life membership. And will have their name and date of attainment added to the perpetual plaque of life membership holders. Recipients will receive their engraved card and will be able to see their name on the perpetual plaque at the installation dinner. The plaque will remain at the registration desk, but will travel to every installation dinner to provide recognition to life members. The plaque will include all life members back to the beginning of the Club. 3/19/02

A Life Member shall be subject to the policies and By-Laws of the Stockton Sportsmen's Club, and, shall have all the membership privileges of the Club, including the right to vote.

Once a Life Membership has been granted to a member, that member shall be exempt from paying dues the remainder of his association with the Stockton Sportsmen's Club. revised 4/16/96

  1. SENIOR MEMBERS: Senior members over the age of 60 years who have been a member in good standing for five years are exempt from the work hour requirement for pheasant hunting. (no date)
  2. NEW MEMBERS: Prospective new members shall be placed on the mailing list to receive the bulletin when initiation forms, fees and dues are submitted. Board approved 3/1/88, revised 2/20/96
  3. MEETING ATTENDANCE MINIMUM: If a member attends 5 meetings in the calendar year, he may submit a letter of explanation to the evaluation committee requesting an approved absence from the remaining 6th meeting. One letter for one meeting is allowed per year. Should moderate to long term extraordinary circumstances (such as the ill-health of self or family member, night work, etc.) make it impossible for a member in good standing to attend the minimum required six meetings, then that member may petition the evaluation committee chairman for an exchange time option. The exchange time option is a method whereby the member may make-up missed meetings by performing four (4) hours of club authorized volunteer work at club activities per missed meeting. Evidence of the extraordinary circumstances may be required and verified at the discretion of the evaluation committee chairman. Examples of evidence include, but are not limited to, written documentation from physicians, supervisors, or employers. There is no approved absence option for the sixth meeting as stated in the previous paragraph for the member to exercise should they request the exchange time option. All exchange time will be in addition to the member's annually required twenty (20) hours of volunteer time for the club. Should the member wish to appeal any decision of the evaluation committee chairman, the member may petition the board in writing, along with their evidence. All board decisions are final. 2/20/96, revised 1/18/00
  4. WORK HOURS FOR THE PHEASANT PROGRAM: The amount of time you work, is the time you will receive credit for. This policy applies to the sign-in shack and field patrolling duties. (Example: 0600 to 1600 = 10 hours, and 0600 to 0800 = 2 hours.) Catching the birds earns you two hours as does planting the birds in the field. Feeding the birds at the pens for an entire week counts as twenty hours. 2/20/96

Work hours to be counted for active membership will be tabulated from December 1 to November 30 of the following year. Any hours turned in to the evaluation committee after December 1 will be counted towards the following year. 2/19/02

  1. SCHOLARSHIP: Scholarships are to a cumulative maximum amount of $3500. Of this amount, $1250 (5 @ $250 ea.) is allocated to the local high school scholarships. Any additional donated funds, trusts, or endowments specifically dedicated to scholarship will be administered by the scholarship committee within the guidelines of the endowments or trust, within the policies and bylaws of the Stockton Sportsmen's Club, the laws of the State of California, and the laws of the United States of America. 1/18/00, revised 4/17/01, revised 2/18/03
  2. INITIATION FEE: $100 plus first yearís dues. A motion was made, seconded and carried to raise the initiation fee from $30 to $50 and will include two (2) tickets to the Annual Installation Dinner. These new fees are effective following the February swear-in. 2/18/97. Revised 7/3/13 from previous membership approval
  3. COMANCHE HILLS HUNTING PRESERVE - PURCHASED PHEASANTS: Birds will be divided up equally among all active club members that request birds by the due date. 4/17/01
  4. FIELD HUNTING POLICY: The appointed patrol person will determine that the field is hunted in a safe orderly manner; A. The patrol person is in charge of the field. B. Hunting will follow the direction of the arrows. C. Patrol persons will report and/or attempt to solve problems regarding overcrowded fields. 4/15/03
  5. PLANT AND PATROL POLICY: Active SSC members are required to work a minimum of two(2) days during the Pheasant Season either planting birds and patrolling fields or working in the sign-up trailer 4/15/08


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